Are you planning a visit to a trade fair?

We have compiled a brief to-do list for you so that you can prepare everything perfectly.

Preparing for your visit to the fair

• Find out about the hall plans and opening times / research the fair database in the Internet.
• Are there industry-specific workshops at the fair that interest you?
• Arrange appointments for talks and discussions with exhibitors.
Tip: don't make the dates and times too restrictive!
• Obtain a guest ticket if applicable.
• Prepare your discussions - create a keyword catalogue of what issues should be discussed.
• Coordination with colleagues and superiors: what is important?
• If appropriate, create a notification of absence for colleagues and customers (e-mail).

Preparation for your stay at the fair

FAIR connection - we will arrange the appropriate inexpensive accommodation for you and ensure everything runs smoothly.
• Plan your arrival and departure schedule (e.g. by car, train or plane?) Here too, FAIR connection can save you a lot of time-consuming research.

What do you need to take with you?

• Suitable clothing (check the weather report for your destination)
• Personal documents and any medication you may need
• Trade fair admission ticket and any tickets for the train or plane.
Tip: The fair admission ticket often includes travel on local public transport in the Hanover region!
• All important addresses and phone numbers (customers, accommodation, private)
• All relevant data – safely stored and capable of being drawn up (e.g. presentations)
• Business cards, information material (flyers etc.), models or exhibits if applicable

Do you have any further questions? Call us at +49 (0) 51 39-4 02 60 76

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